Go Bananas! Real Fruit Smoothies at Wendys Milk Bar.

Wendy’s Milk Bar

Open today 9:00am to 5:30pm

Expired 5/4/2020

Wendy’s Milk Bar has gone Banana’s!!!

Fruit Smoothies all with fresh banana’s are sure to a-peel to all tastes!

Classic Dairy Options:

Banana Bliss! With Soft Serve and Skim Milk
Banana Yum! With Scoop Yoghurt, Skim Milk and Ice
AANNDD Introducing our NEW Vegan Range:

Banana Colada! With Vegan Coconut Delight Scoop, Tropical Juice and Ice
Coco Banana! With Vegan Coconut Delight Scoop, Soy Milk and Ice
Now that’s a whole lot of YUM!

Now at your availiabe at Wendy’s Milk Bar Clifford Gardens.