Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre Terms and Conditions

We update our site as often as is practicable, but information can change rapidly and Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre does not guarantee its accuracy at any time. We are not liable for any loss incurred from relying on this site, including data corruption on download. Information on our site is not financial advice - you should obtain advice before making any decision based on information on this site.

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On this website, we have display a range of products through various means, prices from time to time, and stores available in Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre. Some of this content links through to a retailer website for purchase. Any prices displayed are provided by relevant retailers and suppliers and are updated to Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre’s best efforts to reflect pricing changes, however we advise you to review the retailer website for the most accurate information about price and availability.

Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre does not accept any responsibility for price variations or errors, availability or quality of products. No responsibility is accepted by Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre for the accuracy of any statement or advice contained in the text or advertisements or the accuracy of any prices quoted.


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